Mobile Campaigns

Mobile campaigns have become an essential part of operator’s services to enhance the overall subscriber experience. The InphoAd suite of products bring multi channel  delivery capabilities with rich profiling and customer rewards management features.

Mobile Campaigns Manager (MCM)

MCM is a powerful, carrier-grade system that facilitates mobile campaign activities by opening up the Mobile Operator’s messaging infrastructure to external advertisers in a controlled manner, monetizing spare capacity while yet protecting the basic Service Level Agreements of its core messaging services.

Inphosoft Mobile Campaign Manager

Inphosoft Reward Management System (RMS)

RMS is a loyalty rewards points system that rewards subscribers with bonuses in many ways. Typically, the bonus will be recorded in a points system, which in turn can be used to redeem items such as monthly bills rebate and/or free subscription to VAS (Value added services).  With RMS, it provides competitive advantage to Mobile Operator to enable them to retain and engage customers through such innovative rewards program.

Inphosoft Rewards Management System