Media & Enterprises

Developing new revenue streams through the mobile channel

The mobile channel has provided an effective way for media and enterprises to reach their customers directly with unlimited possibilities, from engaging one-to-one marketing, delivering the right content or services to targeted audience, to getting immediate response on queries or surveys conducted over the mobile phone. Such possibilities have opened up opportunities for new revenue streams and force the industries to innovate and leverage on this channel. With vast experience in these industries, Inphosoft has the ideal suite of solutions to ensure companies can achieve their mobile channel distribution strategy.


Mobility2u offers a range of mobile services for Media and Enterprise to reach their customers or potential corporate clients to enhance their business position by utilizing the advancement of mobile technology.

• News & Promotions – With target user profiles, media and enterprise can send SMS to customers or subscribers immediately on their latest news and promotions
• Notifications – For enterprise with many networks such as dealers, clients and agents, Mobility2U enable enterprise to reach out to them immediately with option to send interactive SMS where a reply is required
• Personalized greeting / messages - Send out festive or birthday greetings through SMS to your customers

Mobility2u provide the platform for you to perform Web SMS Broadcast to your customers or partners, provide interface where you can connect to our gateway directly and send SMS according to your requirements. Media Company can use our Mobility2u to send SMS to customers for latest promotion or breaking news for registered subscribers. For enterprise, SMS reminders or alerts can be sent by connecting to our gateway directly from their existing ERP/backend systems based on their internal rule settings.


With the ever-increasing releases of new handset models with new capabilities, higher screen resolutions, and greater processing speed and power nowadays, more affordable data plan from telco operators, the sharp rise of the popularity of social networking sites, browsing content via mobile devices has become commonplace and is becoming increasingly popular among youths and adults.

With this rise in awareness of WAP content, its ease of access via mobile devices, and the increasing access to information from WAP pages, both corporate and individuals are seeing the need and the urgency to establish their presence in the WAP world, much like in the late Nineties where Websites are establishing themselves as necessities rather than novelties.

In view of the above trends, Inphosoft Microsites is positioned to facilitate and ease the setting up of WAP sites in double-quick time, while removing the technological barriers of corporate and individuals needing to learn the intricacies of WAP technology as well as needing to invest in additional IT infrastructure.