Flexible Solution. Rich Services. Solution for Mobile Operators to operate their Value Added Services.

Inphosoft has been providing solutions to mobile operators since inception and it is through reliable consultancy and respect for our clients, that Inphosoft has built a reputation for quality service. Inphosoft is ready to assist Mobile Operators to maximize profits and drive growth based on our extensive experience in developing and managing huge mobile portals, managing solutions for operators, and good understanding of the various phone models and their functionalities and characteristics.

Service Delivery Platform

Inphosoft Service Delivery Platform (SDP) is a carrier grade, flexible and multi component solution to bring Mobile 2.0 experience to operator’s subscribers. The SDP components under InphoManager suite of products include:

• Inphosoft Content Management System (CMS)
• Inphosoft Mobile Presentation Server (MPS)
• Mobile Campaign
• Rewards Management System

Mobile Social Network Connectors

Social Networking Services (SNS) are increasingly popular as a media for users to stay informed, interact and connect with friends. The popularity of such services span across the globe attracting millions of users, transacting billions of messages and updates daily. At Inphosoft, we believe this brings growth opportunities to service providers as social networks intensify their move into the mobile space to attract more users.

The InphoConnect solution provides multichannel mobile access to popular social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The solution allows operators to create flexible service models. Whether it is operator owned or 3rd party managed, the InphoConnect solution is designed to give operators this flexibility.

Mobile Campaigns

Mobile campaigns have become an essential part of operator’s services to enhance the overall subscriber experience. The InphoAd suite of products bring multi channel  delivery capabilities with rich profiling and customer rewards management features.

• Mobile Campaign Manager (MCM)
• Reward Management System (RMS)
• Profiler