Extending Online Transactions to the Mobile World

InphoTransact offers a complete suite of products that facilitate and enable tradition online transactions over the mobile channel.

Mobile Banking

Inphosoft Mobile banking enables financial institutions to offer mobile banking services to their customers via mobile handset in a highly secured environment.

Inphosoft Mobile banking supports a wide range of mobile technology including:
• Mobile Client Application - Java (J2ME), Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android and iPhone
• 3G Video

Features of Mobile Banking

• Multi-channel solution - SMS, WAP and Mobile Client (J2ME, Java (J2ME), Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android and iPhone) and 3G Video
• Offer end-to-end security for mobile banking transaction via WAP 2.0 and HTTPS
• Support for 2 Factors Authentication such as One-Time-Password (OTP) or Mobile Transaction Authorization Code (MTAC)
• Comply with ISO 8583 standard
• With Mobile Client Application, it allows the application to locked to a specific handset (mobile phone) to prevent unauthorized access to customer account with other unregistered mobile phones
• Solution is Telco independent
• More than 100 phone models supported
• Mobile Banking services provided include and not limited to: Account Balance Enquiry, Fund Transfer, Bill Payment, View Transaction History, Credit Card Account Enquiry and Mobile Prepaid Top-Up

Inphosoft Mobile Banking

Mobile Payment Gateway

Inphosoft Mobile Payment Gateway (MPG) is a technology enabler for the m-commerce collaboration between banks and the mobile merchants for mobile payment.

There are 2 ways of MPG operations, namely, real-time request and backend triggers. Real-time request operation facilitates bill presentment, payment and instruction submission. Backend triggers can complement banking operation by performing authentication, confirmation and notification to customers.

Inphosoft Mobile Payment Gateway can be extended to cater for:
• P2P Funds Transfer
• Bill Payments
• Mobile Prepaid Top-up

Features of Mobile Payment Gateway

• A proven and robust development platform developed on Java/XML technology for easier integration and scalability to legacy systems and future technologies
• Core engine architecture enables faster and easier integration of new application business logic to data sources without inefficient point to point system integration
• The MPG can be easily customized for different kinds of payment services and to suit different business processes
• The mPG provides seamless backend integration to multiple data sources using API connectors in a homogenous or heterogeneous environment

Inphosoft Mobile Payment Gateway

Mobile OTP

Mobile OTP is a mobile client application that provides 2 factor authentication (2FA) and can be easily downloaded and installed into a mobile phone. Upon installing the mobile client application, the mobile phone itself now function as a hardware dongle that gives you better security by giving you control and choice over authentication requirements at a fraction of the cost.

Features of Mobile OTP

• Based on time synchronous one time password
• Mobile OTP consists of a Mobile Client Application and a Server application
• Mobile Client Application can be locked to a specific handset (mobile phone) to prevent unauthorized access using other unregistered mobile phones
• Code Signing from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) on the Mobile OTP


Integrated Messaging Platform

This platform allows financial institutions to send SMS broadcast to their bank customers in the form of alerts or notification. Banks can now empower customers with real-time advisory notifications about transactions on their financial services.


• Online  or Batch Alert & Notification
• Parameter driven and can be personalized to each consumer
• Can be a subscription service (opt-in and opt-out)  or global services
• Alert & Notification service for:

- Banking : Bill Payment, Confirmation upon Payment Received
- Insurance : Payment Reminder, Payment Updates
- Securities : KLSE Stock (Business/ Finance) Alert, Stock Alert
- Unit Trust : Financial News, Forex, Bank Rates Enquiry, Bank Rates Updates, Fixed Deposit Maturity
- Credit Card : Payment Reminder, Status/ Fraud Update