Service Delivery Platform

InphoManager is a suite of SDP product components that deliver rich portal and content management tools for operators to manage their VAS services:

• Inphosoft Content Management System (CMS)
• Inphosoft Mobile Presentation Server (MPS)

Inphosoft Content Management System (CMS)

(CMS) is a cost-effective mobile content management system that caters to the needs of content providers, mobile operators in the area of content lifecycle management and service management. CMS is an essential and valuable component in the content delivery and management architecture of a mobile operator; facilitating the ingestion, discovery, delivery and billing of content related services.

Inphosoft Content Management System

Inphosoft Mobile Presentation Server (MPS)

The advent and proliferation of mobile phones and devices in today’s world has established a new form of communication channel among people. Getting information from the Internet via mobile phones and devices has, in the last few years, become increasing popular as the desire for getting information anytime, anywhere can now be realized.

With this mobile revolution, traditional Web portals are being extended to also cover mobile portals. However, today’s plethora of mobile phones and devices bring about new challenges in managing mobile portals effectively.

Inphosoft MPS is Inphosoft’s flagship product that provides a complete and flexible mobile portal management platform for mobile operators.

Inphosoft Mobile Presentation Server