Company Overview

Inphosoft's headquartered in Singapore with offices in Malaysia and Indonesia.  We have group of 60+ highly motivated and passionate mobile professionals, working tirelessly with our customers to help shape the future of the mobile industry.


Inphosoft is deeply entrenched in the mobile 2.0 ecosystem with products and services that focus on the following 5 propositions:


Mobile advertising platform that supports multi-channel advertising campaigns from customer profiling, ad delivery to reward management and analytics.


Mobile social media platform that connects telco messaging networks to popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


Mobile Service Delivery Platform that allows mobile operators to provide mobile data services and content to subscribers. The suite of products includes Content Management System, Device Profiling, Mobile Presentation System, Single Sign-On, Video Streaming, Digital Rights Management and 3G VAS platforms and services.


Mobile banking and payment platform that allows financial institutions to offer mobile banking and payment services to customers.  The suite of products includes payment gateway, OTP system, e-wallet, SMS/WAP/Mobile Client banking

Managed Services, Solution Integration and Delivery

Setting up, hosting, deploying and operating large scale managed services deployments.  Deployment and Integration capabilities for the telecom and financial services industry.